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Hi guys this page will be full of glitches for you, im only posting new and ones that work here thanks!

Invisibility glitch: First off you need a house and a friend. Ok so head down to a spar arena. Spar each other but as soon as it starts ( before the bomb explodes) go to your house. If you have done this correctly you shouldnt be able to move. Now say “unstick me” after saying that move around in Graal then go back home and you will be invisible and your friends wont see you. ( they will see the chatbox where you are but the writing will come out at where you said unstick me at your house)



1. sdgsdg - May 5, 2010

doesn’t work anymore

2. Daniel - May 30, 2010

Hey it dose not work you beep

3. blubber - June 8, 2010

lol nice glitch^^^^^^

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